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Welcome to VWG Books, your gateway to a world of literary adventures! We are a dynamic, small independent book publisher with a passion for crafting an extensive array of book genres, including coloring books, short stories, children’s tales, fantasy and science fiction epics, and so much more.

Our journey in the world of publishing began in 2021, and our top priority is you, our valued reader. We wholeheartedly appreciate and encourage your honest feedback, as it is the compass guiding our progress. We are dedicated to creating books that cater to a diverse audience, ranging from coloring enthusiasts to avid word search solvers, children, young adults, and adults alike, across various captivating genres. Thank you for joining us on this literary voyage, where every book has a story to tell and a reader to inspire.

Brand New Release

The Embers Of Heaven

The Embers Of Heaven - Prophecies Awaken

In “The Embers of Heaven – Prophecies Awaken,” join Elara and Arion in an epic tale where prophecies come to life, celestial guardians tread the line between duty and desire, and the fate of two realms rests upon the shoulders of the unlikely. Will they unlock the power of the Embers in time to save their worlds, or will darkness prevail?
Embark on a riveting journey through realms unknown, where the echoes of prophecy awaken, and the destiny of the cosmos hangs in the balance. Brace yourself for a celestial adventure that will ignite the embers of your imagination.

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